Your new specs should be as individual as you!

Are you bored with the same ‘identikit’ glasses that you see in every optician? It really doesn’t have to be like that – here at Optima we travel to exhibitions and trade shows all over Europe to source the best of new eyewear trends. It one of the best things about being an Independent Opticians – we can buy what we want, for the customers we have – you only have to see our frames to realise that we aren’t tied to centralised buying from a corporate head office.

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And for the kids…

The kids aren’t forgotten either – we specialise in Paediatric Dispensing and stock frames to fit everyone from a six month old baby to a fashion conscious teen as well as specialist frames such as the Tomato Frames, Nano Sports specs and the Erins World Collection for specialist fittings.


It is not all about the frames, it is just as important that we recommend the best lenses to translate your prescription into a wearable visual solution.

The nice thing about being an independent Optician is that we can use lenses from many different suppliers.

Lenses Designs & Types

Optima is a specialist centre for Rodenstock lenses and a Varilux Consultant Optician. We supply Night Driving and Occupational lenses from both manufacturers as well as their wide range of varifocals. We use the latest measurement technology from Rodenstock – the Impressionist 3D measuring device which gives a 3D stereo measurement which is important for for any complex lenses, especially varifocals.

Accurate measurements make sure you always get the best from your vision and this, combined with the options of thinner, lighter lenses, blue filters for screen use, Transitions® or Colormatic light reactive tints, Anti-reflective coatings (now with guaranteed scratch protection), gives us a wide range of lens options which means we will always be able to recommend the right solution for you.

We also supply specialised RayBan, Rodenstock and Adidas prescription eyewear for sun and sportswear.



Contact Lenses

Many people like to wear Contact lenses either instead of glasses or in addition to them for specific things (sport, dancing, socialising…) we supply soft lenses in the main with some gas permeable lenses where required. The majority of our wearers use disposable lenses to reduce risk of contamination or infection and to maintain the best vision. Again we are lucky to be able to use lenses from many different companies rather than having to use a one size fits all own brand lens. This means when can use many different fittings and lens materials to give the best vision and comfort.